Paštetarenje profesorice Julijane Matanović

Before I went to the lecture, I read in the bed the song Nede Miranda Blažević – Krietzman, “Puž i suglasje”.

Yes, I thought after reading the Malaysian song for the fourth time, I’m really like that Mirandin snail, and it is my consensus that I agree that after the lecture I will certainly have a bit of a drink.

Yesterday, on a lecture in stylistic exercises, I drew a Dalmosic in the minjaku. I’ll throw it on her as a snail to consensus.

I poured clean pants on which I wrote ” Universiade 89 “. At the place where there was a bulge for the penis on those panties, Zagi squirrel was drawn . Here, I thought, pulling over the overpriced pants through my slightly fluttered asses, that’s my message to Zagreb, whenever I run away after the piss, which will drop in the pants, it will be like I’m writing on your mascot Zagreb, Zagi. I do not know where she’s taking me at all. Perhaps I picked them up from some kind of punk on one of those found by wacky Gypsy parties.

I squeezed my nose from my leg with my fingers in my mouth, put them in a good plunge of plum-sausage sent from Djakovo and headed for the Philosopher . Uh, I would be happy to caress that faded Dalmosic, I thought through the road, but what if there was some old blitster for the old man, which I would like to help the potato from the hard, Blitvari country afterwards as a remorse for my daughter’s carrot? No, I kept thinking, I’d better stick to the Zagreb.

Yesterday I also wrote one from Zagreb. He is not quite as hot as a blond, but he has a somewhat recurring look and a cheeky upper lip, which is a sign of extraordinary talent by Thomas Mann and Simpson . It is certain that this citizen is much more gifted in providing love pleasures than Blitvarke.

Blitvarke, I thought, because Blitvarke thought they were already extremely gifted to love. It is something like Stanko Andric himself who lives in Andric , he thinks he is a great stylist and writer. So I prefer Zagrepčanka, Stojka is her name, so she even introduced Professor Bagić to the stylist.

Stojka , maybe she’s an old Serb. It would, however, come to my mind, my old man exasperated, maybe my money would be stopped. It does not matter, if I get into a love affair with her, I’ll tell the old one that my girlfriend is my name Hope ; so his never-beguiled late mother was called.

I went into the Philosophical Building, and then into the lecture hall. Stool was in the foreseeable order. Blitvarka in the first. You Blitvari are really ambitious, I thought, right now in the first row. And again it was in the mink, this time a leopard pattern. Professor Bagić will be delighted when he sees it, he thinks that the leopard or tiger from his favorite Borges song “Argentine Tiger” came to him.

After ten minutes in the lecture hall, Professor Julijana Matanovic entered us . She had a woolen scarf around the door, it looked as though she had left the cover of a very popular magazine “Wool” in the former Yugoslavia . Stumbling toward the chamber, she stumbled across the parquet floor. I nudged her for help, taking her under the elbow.

“Thank you,” the professor thanked me. “If you did not save me at the last moment, I would have broken the lacquer on my hand by typing my novels and then I could not finish my newer novel, ” Panning on Drava, “ for which my publisher Mozaik’s book is constantly rushing. And I have so much obligation here at the Faculty, I’m not like a rude Miljenko Jergovic around the malls around Istria and Istria.

“It’s hard for a real writer to be a lecturer at college,” I said.

“When you’re so kind, will you please go to Dion to buy biscuits and pies over here?” I forgot to bring you a gablec, so I’ll have to look at Professor Marinko Koščec’s rat in the joint professor’s cabinet again, rubbing his French-coated French fish pie, and I will not have anything to do with chaff. And so hungry after the lecture.

– Of course, I’ll go to the gablec.

He gave me a fifty-dollar bill and told me to buy something for food. By this I have seen that the fact is well earned from my writing.

I ran from the lecture room and extended to Limb . It was almost noon. In Limbo was only journalist Novosti , Lasic . I honored him with cooked wine. He told the barracks that if he did not need this kind of Croatian society as a journalist-researcher, he would move to Australia and then grow a special sort of afro-bear.

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– Why are you so mad at the bears? Asked the bar.

She could not answer her.

Later, with his cooked wine, Matanovic’s novel ” Why I lied to you ” with Joyce’s ” Portrait of an artist at a young agecompares Matanovic’s novel to which the bartender grossly denied that since he was working in the News , he became completely disturbed.

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