Od ”La Dolce Vite” do ”Probuđene savjesti” u Tuškancu

Cijena ulaznice je 20 kuna, a za članove 10 kuna

From Thursday, March 14 to Thursday, March 21, the Tuškanac Cinema shows a selection of as many as 14 titles created between 1931 and 2015, which in various ways thematize ” journalism on film ”. The program will feature masterpieces by Federico Fellini , Sidney Lumet , Howard Hawks , Billy Wilder and many others, and on the eve of the first screening, the keynote will be given by film critic Višnja Vukašinović .

The program kicks off Thursday with a screening of the Golden Flame at Cannes by the married modernist drama Sweet Life ( Federico Fellini , 1961), a mosaically structured work in which the author portrayed the dark backdrop of urban life of the time, the entertainment industry, and the decadence of consumer society. Marcello Mastroianni’s work was established as a fine character actor, and thanks to the surname of one character, he launched the name paparazzo .

The following is the masterpiece of TV Networks (1976) by Sidney Lumet , a black-and-white satire directed against tabloid corporate journalism, awarded numerous Oscars, Golden Globes and the BAFTA Best Actor Award, which was awarded posthumously to Peter Finch . That same evening, we show Fear and Disdain in Las Vegas (1998), a psychedelic satirical film by Terry Gilliam Road , an adaptation of the cult novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson .

Saturday brings with it four Academy Award-winning political thriller All the President’s Men (1976) by Alan J. Pakula , the work of a highly suggestive atmosphere of conspiracy, immorality and the threat of the Watergate affair. We also show Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight (2015) the same evening , an award-winning politicized drama based on true events, a work that represents an ode to former investigative journalism that is no longer possible today.

On Sunday, we show Michael Mann’s Awakened Conscience (1999) , also a true events-based thriller-drama about the tobacco industry and the concealment of smoking harmful data. It is a suggestively directed, dramatically tense work that is characterized by a layered character-psychological profile of the two central characters who, just like their relationship, change under the pressure and action of fear, and have an excellent rhythm and accentuated atmosphere.

On Monday is followed by The Journalist ( Fadil Hadžić , 1979), a strong story about the troubles facing the profession and the true loyal individuals in the journalistic profession, and one of the most successful Croatian films in general, with the brilliant Rad Šerbedžija and Fabijan Šovagović , as we continue the evening fantasy comedy It Happened Tomorrow ( Rene Clair , 1944), one of the leisurely escapist realizations Clair made while living in America.

Tuesday brings an impressively directed noir drama, As in the Sleeve ( Billy Wilder , 1951), nominated for an Oscar and awarded in Venice, a work in which Kirk Douglas, in the form of an amoral reporter, has played an extremely convincing role. On the same evening, Park Row ( Samuel Fuller , 1951) is scheduled , a work by the cult-loving Sam Fuller who is distinguished for his illustrious characters, intriguing relationships and elaborating an individual’s passion and integrity for journalism.

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On Wednesday, we present the masterpiece Sweet Smell of Success ( Alexander Mackendrick , 1957), an explicitly critical and cynical portrait of a journalistic environment focused on elaborating two unscrupulous protagonists suggesting a breakdown of moral values. The evening’s sequel to the Oscar-nominated multiple nominated Front Page ( Lewis Milestone , 1931), a very early experiment in the use of humorous dialogues that screened it twice more (1974 and 1988).

The cycle ends with the projection of the screwball comedy His Girlfriend Petko ( Howard Hawks , 1940), featuring fast and witty replicas, exquisitely profiled characters, and above all, extremely moody acting performances by Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell . The last film of the cycle is Call Northside 777 ( Henry Hathaway , 1948), an extremely realistic noir drama shot in authentic locations, with the excellent James Stewart in the lead role.

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