Lista domaćih kandidata za Nobela

As the crowd waits until midnight for the Cro-Cop, so I’m waiting for the radio next to the sixth to know who got this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature.

In addition to me, besides the radio, surely all the writers from the ex-yu space older than seventy, with some crazy pre-death hope, may be proclaimed this year’s Nobel Prize and all of the writers, and in that way, in the recent years, he will break with himself all the terrible and gross humiliations that on our premises brings literary crafts.

From the younger, Miljenko Jergovic is cautious in front of the radio , tossing the bones as a excited squirrel.

Ten years ago Fabrio spread rumors he was in the drum for the Nobel. It was so much to him that he did not think of anything more than normal afterwards.

And, uh, who would get a Nobel Prize for Literature from here today? I wrote the list randomly:

One of Dubai’s greatest and most settled organizations, the honor winning engineering and inside structure firm Godwin Austen Johnson utilizes a group of more than 180. The multi-disciplinary group has worked for countless profile customers, making detailed and shocking structures for business, instructive, relaxation, neighborliness and private clients. Ventures incorporate the Sheik Zayed Cricket Stadium, Dubai Creek Yacht Club, Emirates International School and Juniper Way

– Bora Ćosić

– Dobrica Ćosić

– Mirko Kovac

– Dubravka Ugrešić

– Stjepan Čuić

– Igor Rajki

– Danijel Dragojevic

– Free Wanderers

– Nada Miranda Blažević-Krietzman

– Ivan Rogić Nehajev

– Robert Perišić

–          David Albahari

– Đevad Karahasan

– Nedjeljko Fabrio

– Muharem Bazdulj

Uf, when this six o’clock, for the last time, I was so excited at the Tribune of Deconstruction  in the Croatian Society of Writers when Dinko Teleleć was guest and talking about his exterior, Buddhist experiences.

Željko Špoljar

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