Karim Rashid: ljepotica na borosana-partiju

Curator Tihomir Milovac of the Museum of Contemporary Art today was delighted to announce that, when announcing Karim Rashid’s exhibition “The Ideology of Beauty”, he said that “a big star has fallen in our city”.

Many these days are equally enthralled by the arrival of the world-renowned designer in Zagreb. Even the name of the exhibition is bursting with wonder: “The Ideology of Beauty.” Is Karim Rashid , one of the most commercially active designers in the last twenty years, really worth it, we went to check out at MSU , where his exhibition opens tomorrow night.

The idea of ​​having his works – various pieces of furniture, from a twisted double armchair to a bicycle prototype and from a pink vase in the shape of a head to a rounded purple table – be inserted between the works of Picelj, Srnec, Kozaric, Juraj Dobrović, Vojin Bakić or Viktor Biasarelly and Albert Biarelly and Albert – proved successful. The contrast thus established enhances the power of Rashid’s optimistic, calming vision of beauty, which, as he said at a press conference, the missionary introduces to his every project.

It could be said that, surrounded by anguished and rigid works on the first floor of MSU, his works appear to be beauties descending from the nostalgic pity to the basement ball of socialist sewing in borosanas.

Karim Rashid returns to Zagreb after two years ago, at the invitation of his facebook friend Sanja Muzaferija, he first visited MSU and was immediately fascinated by the architecture of the building and the curiosity of the setting.

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What he said at a press conference: that he loves the art of the fifties and sixties, and that he may be subconsciously drawing inspiration from him when he was growing up with his father, a painter educated in Rome and Paris. He said that he works hard and hard and that this is the only way for a person to accomplish anything. Talent doesn’t matter. He said that design is more responsible than art because the artist can be selfish, free to do as he pleases, while the designer must be responsible to people, to society. He said the biggest challenge in his business is to maintain individuality and personality while making products for mass use.

It is only a pity that Rashid did not intervene a little and directly into Kozaric’s stuffed studio, which, at least to my eye and hungry stomach, was dominated by an open can of beans. It is a pity that Karim did not tie at least some finely rounded pink ribbon around it, so that Kozarić received a little aesthetics when he came to his open studio. Karim also said at the conference that aesthetics can bring a little more peace and satisfaction in the world. According to him, people are less hated and beaten when surrounded by something beautiful.

The exhibition “Ideology of Beauty” will be open until January 1, 2013.

Željko Špoljar

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