Kad se sretnu Kurt i Beyonce: Ivana Kindl preporučuje pet albuma koji su joj obilježili život

Dok radijskim eterom plovi njezina nova stvar "Divovi ljubavi", Ivana Kindl se prisjeća albuma koji su je formirali kao slušateljicu, pjevačicu i autoricu.

In a long but memorable R’n’B wave that briefly flooded our area, Ivana Kindl, a singer who has since proven herself in many genres and significantly changed her sound over the years, presented her strong and recognizable voice to the local public. ” more bandy “, and most importantly – authorial.

The roots of all her changes and musical reflections lie, of course, in the music she listened to as a teenager. Judging by this choice, Ivana Kindl is a real “child of the nineties” – that’s when the albums that formed her current taste, but also the musical style she performs, were created. The spectrum is, to put it mildly, wide – from raw grunge that marked the beginning of the decade, all the way to polished and perfectly produced R’n’B, a style that enchanted Ivan so much that he started his musical career at the beginning of the new millennium. 

1) Mariah Carey – “Music Box” (1993)

“Although I could rank all of her albums from the 1990s in the top 5, this one was a turning point for me. That’s when I became fully aware of my love and drive for singing and my singing potential. Mariah Carey is the best singer of all time and no one is on me. left such an impression.Perfect voice and interpretation.This album also contains the legendary cover of the song ‘Without You’ which completely fascinated me in its performance, and surpassed the original.I sang it in the beginning very much, even on the Turbo Limach Show “With that song, Mariah actually became globally popular.”

2) Nirvana – “Nevermind” (1991)

“Although I could put all of Nirvana’s albums in the top five, with this album I found out about them in the early 1990s and became completely infected. Then I hung out with a band that listened to metal and punk, and I’m still prone to fiercer sound. Psychedelic. rock or grunge left a big impact on me. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is, of course, a song that overwhelmed me, as well as my entire teenage generation at the time. I was in love with Kurt Cobain. I always admired how a trio in a band could do that. sound powerful. “

3) Destiny’s Child – “The Writings On the Wall” (1999)

“I love polyphonic singing, and this album inspired me at the beginning of my own career, so I headed in the R’n’B direction. The girls were a sensation, great beats, interesting hacked melodies and vocals, strong messages, top productions for the time. “Bills, Bills, Bills” is the first song I performed with the band, and then many others. I remember mixing ‘Bootylicious’ at gigs with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana. Beyonce was one of them at the time. of my favorite singers. “

4) Erykah Badu – “Baduizm Live” (1997)

“This tape got me out of a lot of listening. Neo-soul, jazz, it’s so sculpted and infinitely talented. Such a chill groove album, played by phenomenal musicians, and the best cover ever – ‘Stay’ in which Erykah surpassed the original Chake Khan The album is ideal for romantic moments, and I sang a few songs from that album in Sax at our soul evenings at the time. “

5) Skunk Anansie – “Stoosh” (1996)

“With the first song I heard from them, and that’s ‘Brazen’, I became a loyal fan. Skin is a crazy vocalist, and everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about abnormally top vocals. The band is powerful, exceptional, the songs too “Brazen” and “Hedonism” were the first songs I played in Požega with the then band, and later in Zagreb. a phenomenal singer. “

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